Kalina Salvador: An Abundance of Strength Begins With a Breath

April 01, 2020

After a week of high fever and convulsions that left her unable to grip anything in her hands, Kalina Salvador said a prayer from her hospital bed: If she recovered, she would find a way to give back.

Doctors speculated that she might suffer from lupus, but Salvador was given the diagnosis of an unnamed autoimmune disease similar to arthritis—the result of her body’s severe reaction to an indeterminate virus. At the news that she would have to manage this condition for life, the young mother of two slipped deeper into depression.

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(3.29.18) instagram Repost by @oursouthbay

March 29, 2018

Sunset #yoga to wind down from the week PC: @melissao_yoga

(3.28.18) Walk in the Steps of Ancient Hawaiian Royalty with Melissa Okabe & Kalina Salvador

March 28, 2018

“We are so excited to offer a Yoga and Wellness Retreat in this special energetic space, blending Hawaii’s natural beauty and ancient traditions. Yoga is a practice that has the power to transform us from the inside out, and hope that our students receive healing, love, wisdom, and transformative energy from the land during this journey.” (-Melissa Okabe, Co-Host, Yoga Instructor)

March 27, 2018

Los Angeles, CA, March 27, 2018 -- ( Yes there are hundreds of yoga retreats to choose from… but how many incorporate the spirituality and transformative power of a sacred Hawaiian vortex? Los Angeles based Yoga Instructors, Melissa Okabe and Darlene Kalina Salvador, offer a unique Wellness Retreat Experience to yogis this October 2018 to explore just that.

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